Child Parent Interaction Training is an educational program that is parent focused. Facilitators provide parenting and educational support services to parents and children in efforts to help them interact positively and become a more productive family unit. Services are to address communication, problem solving, decision making, life skills and most importantly daily parenting skills. We focus on educating the parents on age appropriate parenting skills around boundaries, consequences, understanding a diagnosis, or utilizing our community resources for assistance such as social services, court services, etc. We also provide an individual counselor for the child to assist with life skills, mentoring, and communication.


Standard Supervision provides a third party supervisor only observes parent and child/children's interactions during a visit and is able to provide verbal or written report back to Court or referral source, as needed. • Reunification Therapeutic Focused Supervised Visitation/Sibling Visitation provides a third party supervisor who provides educational feedback to the custodial parent, the visiting parent and children to assist with reunification. Issues may include questions from the child about where the absent parent has been, questions or discussions about court, absentee parenting issues, boundary issues, trust issues, children pushing limits and acting out inappropriately due to the stressors around dealing with a new parent and/or situation. The Supervisor can assist as the incident occurs by providing educational feedback to the parent or child. They will assist by explaining what appropriate behavior is and provide a response by a parent who is usually in some turmoil with the child’s other parent. They can assist with parenting skills and provide parenting education. The goal of parent education focused supervision is to guide the absent parent through the process of change in an appropriate yet safe way that will secure a positive relationship with their child or children. • Parent Coordination Services assists two parents or invested family members that can't agree or discuss issues dealing with their children after a separation. The professional is to assist parents in working through issues that come up in reference to visitation, custody and/or everyday life. The coordinator promotes healthy co-parenting skills, assists with interpretation of court orders and in times of crisis can develop a solution to a problem that can't be agreed upon by the parents. The parent coordinator can meet with the children to see how they are coping with changes either to provide parents with feedback or for the Court or referral source depending on who is involved.


Substance Abuse Assessment/Education: Certified Substance Abuse Counselors will complete an assessment and report which will include recommendations for treatment, if needed. We will provide treatment or will refer out to an appropriate resource. The treatment we provide is one on one (individual/family) education and supportive treatment to include AA/NA meeting attendance, education as to the effects of drugs and alcohol to your body, as well as educate the parents on what to look for and what they need to do if behaviors continue. Drug Testing: We do provide urine analysis drug screen that tests for most abused drugs for clients currently involved with our substance abuse program.

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Reports include: home studies/investigations, substance abuse assessments, mental health assessments.


Our 4 hour classes are geared towards co-parenting and we have developed a Supreme Court approved curriculum that is “child first” focused. We offer two classes, one for teen parents as well as for the general public needing to comply with the Court Order to complete a parenting class. Please contact us for dates of classes.


Transportation Services: Door -to-door service refers to transportation from one specific location to another, without clinical services, requiring advanced notice. This type of service is based upon demand and allows the most flexibility. Fixed route and scheduled services transport riders along an established route with predetermined stops at designated locations.

Therapeutic Transportation Service: Clients that are assessed and placed in this program would receive specialized services to meet their individual needs such as case management, supportive services, and crisis management interventions to maintain a collaborative team approach with the referral source, treatment team, and community partners. Staff will provide in person support and report back to all involved parties. Transitions will respond to specific requests from Social Workers to ensure safety and success of the client.


Transitions also provides contract services including developing and implementing counseling groups for the youth and adult population, to include: • Education and Counseling in Dealing with Anger Management • Peer Mediation Programs • Substance Abuse Education and Treatment • Social Skills Programs • Self-esteem Support Groups • Behavior Modification Programs • Shoplifting Prevention • Life Skills/Independent Living programs